Enschede is fully committed to the 2020 Cycling City election

Enschede is fully committed to being the cycling city of the Netherlands by 2020. Advier has been involved in this campaign on behalf of the municipality of Enschede since June 2016. Advier's role in this is in the field of marketing, awareness and behavioral change.

The start of the 'Enschede Bicycle City 2020' campaign consisted of a teaser campaign to introduce residents of Enschede to the slogan Enschede Bicycle City 2020 and to point out the existing bicycle facilities in Enschede and future plans.

By means of 'bicycle handlebars', which were sprayed with temporary street graffiti in various places in the city, the residents and visitors of Enschede were able to get acquainted with the Enschede Bicycle City 2020 campaign. sidewalks. The URL of Enschede Fietsstad was added a few weeks later.

As a result, numerous actions and challenges have been set up to make cyclists more comfortable, safer, more fun and more cycling. And of course the municipality of Enschede is investing heavily in good and safe bicycle facilities. For example, since the start of the campaign, 4 bicycle streets and 2 new bicycle sheds have been opened.

The SMART in Twente app

Smart technology can be used in a fun way to achieve behavioral change. The 'SMART in Twente app' plays an important role in this. By using the app, which the municipality of Enschede is the initiator of, cyclists are rewarded for the kilometers they make in Enschede. The SMART app is used as a tool during the cycling campaign for several actions and challenges. Advier develops and coordinates all cycling challenges and campaigns to get as many cyclists as possible to participate.

Concrete actions include:

  1. Introduction of new fast bike routes

In order to involve residents of Enschede and specific city districts in the opening of new fast bicycle routes, actions have been created via the app, whereby cyclists are rewarded for using the new fast bicycle routes. For example, cyclists are challenged via the app to ride 10 times on the bicycle street in the Wooldrik district. They thus earn a voucher, which can be spent at various entrepreneurs in Enschede.

  1. Faster green

One of the most recent developments is a trial of getting green faster at traffic lights through the use of the SMART app. Enschede is the first city where this is happening with a smart app. Suppose you are on a bicycle and approaching a traffic light. Your phone then automatically sends a message to the control center that controls the traffic lights. The plant knows you're coming and makes sure you get green. Even if your phone is in your bag. This is not future music, this innovation will soon be realized in Enschede.

In addition, the municipality also shortens waiting times at a large number of traffic lights. This gives cyclists more priority and as a result they can cycle more smoothly.

  1. Cycling to the sports club

The SMART app is also used to reward specific target groups. A nice example of targeted rewards is the bicycle campaign that is aimed at members of sports clubs. With this promotion it is possible to cycle for a financial contribution for the club. This saving is done by cycling together and making km's. These kilometers are registered via the SMART app.

Plans for 2018

With reward campaigns, the commitment to bicycle safety, good bicycle facilities and the promotion of the e-bike, much attention has been paid to the cyclist for a long time. If residents of Enschede are more satisfied with the cycling climate and start cycling more, then Enschede is a real cycling city. We will therefore continue to look closely at the result it produces for cyclists. If Enschede were to win the title of Bicycle City 2020, that would be the icing on the top.

Advier will remain a committed, creative and innovative partner of Enschede Fietsstad – also in the coming period.

Niels de Vries

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