SMART Green – App gives cyclists green faster in Enschede

The municipality of Enschede gives cyclists green more quickly at traffic lights. Enschede is the first city where this is happening with a smart app. After a successful test, this system is now available to everyone. Because Enschede wants to be a bicycle city, cyclists are given more priority and can cycle more smoothly.

Go green faster with SMART app

Suppose your smartphone notices that you are on a bicycle and approaching a traffic light. Your phone then automatically sends a message to the control center that controls the traffic lights. The plant knows you're coming and makes sure you get green. Even if your phone is in your bag. It sounds like future music, but this innovation was realized in Enschede.

Permanent reward incentive

Advier is carrying out the cycling campaign Enschede Fietsstad 2020 on behalf of the municipality of Enschede. Part of the campaign is to promote the SMART app. With this app residents cycle rewards together. Usually this is in the form of points. The more residents use the app, the better the municipality will gain insight into the traffic flows in the city.

Advier believes that this is a nice way of rewarding, but that interest in it diminishes at some point. People then remove the app from their phone and that is not the intention. In the search for lasting incentives, we therefore looked for non-monetary rewards that last longer.


By giving app users certain privileges, you encourage them to continue using the app. That's how we came up with the idea to install SMART-green. The municipality was enthusiastic about this idea and started working on it. The technique was developed by Vialis. Mobidot, the company that develops the SMART app, has linked the application to the app.

Successful test

The roll-out of the so-called SMART Green has started at Kennispark Twente, Enschede's high-tech innovation campus. At the beginning of November 2017, the traffic lights at the Hengelosestraat – Auke Vleerstraat intersection were the first to be equipped with this system. After the test phase has been successfully completed, SMART Green will be available to anyone who installs the SMART app in Twente. Soon all traffic lights along Hengelosestraat and Gronausestraat will be equipped with SMART Green.

How it works

The animation below, created by Advier, shows how SMART Green works.

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