Innovative SeaBubbles now available in the Netherlands and Belgium

In many cities, the available water is still minimally used for passenger transport, while the roads are overcrowded. The French innovation SeaBubbles wants to change this. SeaBubbles is 100% electrically powered passenger transport on water. The first boats (called Bubbles) have a capacity of 5 people. Currently with a driver, but the Bubbles will soon sail autonomously, without a driver. This innovative concept is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

SeaBubbles founder and former windsurfing world champion Anders Bringdal has today signed a contract with Minze Walvius and Maurice van der Meché for the sale of the Bubbles and Docks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Dubai and for the further development of the SeaBubbles concept.

What is SeaBubbles
The Bubbles look futuristic and have a hydrofoil, also called hydrofoil. As a result, the hull of the Bubble comes out of the water at a speed of 12 km/h and it floats a few tens of centimeters above the water. The resistance is up to 50% lower than with a normal boat. The Bubbles also sail 100% electrically. With this, the Bubble creates NO emissions, NO sound and NO waves. The Bubbles sail at high speed and are very comfortable because he sails over the waves. The total life cycle costs can be up to tens of percent lower than fossil-powered ships.

The first Bubble can carry 5 people, including the skipper, and can sail 65 km on one battery charge and has a maximum speed of 33 km/h. The next Bubble, which will be released in 2020, is significantly faster. The third generation Bubbles will carry 12 or more passengers, possibly with bicycles on board.

Durable, quiet and fast transport over the water with the comfort of a car that does not cause waves. A concept that fits in any city with smart city and smart mobility ambitions or individual who wishes to sail stylishly, comfortably, sustainably and quickly!

Docks and chargers
Boarding and disembarking can take place at specially developed futuristic looking Docks. These Docks have a patented lift system that allows passengers to board and disembark comfortably and that facilitates the maintenance and storage of the boat. The loading of the Bubbles also takes place here. Of course, the current infrastructure can also be used. Chargers can be supplied with which the Bubbles can be charged.

SeaBubbles aims for 100% sustainable transport and has the ambition to be active in 50 cities by 2024. The goal is to build a network of autonomous Bubbles. Starting today in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Dubai! A pilot will soon start in the Drechtsteden to see whether SeaBubbles can help to avoid traffic jams and reduce pollution in the cities, according to chairman Sjoerd Vollebregt of the Economic Development Board Drechtsteden region in the Telegraaf.

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