Mobility Hubs Bremen save city €100 million

The MobiPoints in Bremen lead to a saving of €100 million. Research carried out by the northern German city shows that there are 5.000 fewer cars on the streets of Bremen. That corresponds to a row of cars of 25 kilometers long. The shared cars on the MobiPoints have created this effect. If the city had not invested in car-sharing, the city would have had to invest in the construction of parking garages.

Bremen has been investing in carsharing since 1990, because this contributes to a more efficient traffic system, less space and lower emissions. There are now three providers with a total of 14.000 users.

Middle class benefits from car sharing

The research shows a number of interesting effects of car sharing:

  • Each shared car in Bremen replaces 16 cars.
  • Car sharers do their shopping much more locally than car owners. Car-sharing thus contributes to the local economy and supports the retail trade. Car owners are three times more likely to shop outside the city than car sharers.
  • In households where a shared car is used, 50% fewer car kilometers are made.
  • Users emphasize the convenience of car sharing: they no longer have to deal with maintenance, taxes and insurance.
  • In addition, they experience a greater sense of freedom when it comes to choosing the right means of transport.
  • 85% of Bremen residents are aware of the benefits of car sharing, including the recognizable Mobi points and the Udo campaign.

MobiPoints conquer Europe

The research, which is partly supported by the EU project SHARE-North funded underlines the importance of cities investing in carsharing. Bremen pioneered the concept of MobiPunten (in German: MobilPunkte). A MobiPoint combines various forms of (partial) mobility. Well-known facilities are shared cars, bicycle parking and tram or bus stops. This makes MobiPoints a recognizable starting point for every journey. The city works closely with providers in the market and contributes with marketing to the awareness and use of shared cars.

The successful MobiPunt concept fans out from Bremen to all of Europe. There are now MobiPoints in Norway and in Flanders. Within the SHARE-North project, Advier is responsible for the roll-out in the Netherlands. Parties interested in realizing MobiPoints can contact Advier.

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