First Seabubble comes to the Netherlands!

The SVE Group brings the first SeaBubble to the Netherlands. This SeaBubble is one of the first ten to be delivered worldwide in 2021. The SVE Group is the first in the Netherlands with this.

Seabubble on the water in Dordrecht

The SeaBubble sails without emissions, without noise and without waves due to the use of the patented fly-by-wire system. The SeaBubble that will sail in the Netherlands has a capacity for 5 people, is powered by hydrogen and has a sailing time of 2 hours on a full tank. The SeaBubble is fully refueled within 4 minutes.

Partly thanks to the Region Deal, passenger transport by water has become a hot topic in the Drechtsteden. The docking stations that belong to this innovative SeaBubble are designed and made with the help of several partners in the Drechtsteden.

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