Car Sharing Training Program Starts van

It is not the number of providers, the target group or the type of vehicles that determines whether car sharing can be successful. No, the biggest factor that determines whether car sharing finds a foothold anywhere is the policy of the municipality. That is why Advier has developed the Car Sharing Training Program in collaboration with Deloitte Belgium. This is aimed at sharing knowledge and supporting municipalities.

The first (online) training sessions took place last week. 30 enthusiastic municipalities joined to find out more about the background, policy and communication surrounding shared mobility. They do not only learn from our experts: because municipalities participate in a training course, they can also exchange knowledge and experience with each other.

The first training focused on the ambition. Friso Metz, consultant at Advier, explains: “There are actually four levels of ambition. Passive, when a municipality only responds to the wishes of providers. Reactive, when the municipality draws up a policy framework and has providers respond to it. active, when the municipality itself takes a lot of initiative to encourage car sharing. And then you have Initiative, when the municipality itself has little policy, but organizes a number of things from the residents”. The task for the municipalities was to estimate at what level they were now operating and at what level of ambition they would like to be. “There is no value judgment in that,” says Friso. “It is just important to know where you stand and where you want to go as a municipality”.

The training program will continue until the summer of next year.