Looking back at 2020

At the end of 2020, we look back with Advier on a year in which we were able to work on many beautiful projects despite the Corona crisis. Below is a small selection of the activities of the past year.

Roll-out mobi points De Kop Werken

Mobipunt with shared car in Schagen

Advier has installed the first mobi points in De Kop van Noord-Holland. The mobi points were set up by the regional partnership De Kop Werken! and are intended to increase the accessibility and liveability of towns and villages in the region. In 2020, 12 mobi points have been placed, the goal is to have more than 2022 by the end of 40. Due to delivery problems of the columns by Corona, a 3D printed column has been developed for the client, made of largely recycled plastic. We are now also working on 3D printing various street furniture for the mobi points.

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Sustainable Mobility Veluwe

In order to keep the Veluwe permanently accessible for guests, Advier has developed a plan in 2020 to respond to the responsibility of entrepreneurs. By providing entrepreneurs with various tools that they can apply and implement themselves, it is expected that the necessary customization in the rapidly and continuously changing world of mobility will land at the Veluwe guest. In addition, Advier developed the “sustainable mobility” component for the Regiodeal in 2020. This is a large-scale plan in which the central government, the province and municipalities work together to accelerate the sustainability of the Veluwe. Certain “reception locations” are being developed from which tourists can visit the Veluwe sustainably. One of those sustainable means of transport will be a shared bicycle in Veluwe. Advier supports four entrepreneurs in the Veluwe to jointly set up a bicycle sharing system, a bicycle sharing system with a host.

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EU projects Share North and MOVE

In order to stay ahead in the market, Advier invests in projects at its own risk. For example, Advier is a partner in the European projects SHARE-North (focused on making transport more sustainable in the North Sea area) and MOVE (focused on co-creating more sustainable mobility solutions in (semi) rural regions, small urban and tourist areas) in the INTERREG North Sea region.

The highlight of SHARE-North this year was especially the writing of the manual Shared Mobility Rocks, which will be published in hardcopy in 2021. Advier was also involved in setting up various projects in which mobility is integrated into area development projects, such as the Tangent location, the Bammensterrein and Buurtschap Crailo.

Due to the increasing interest in mobility hubs, Advier is regularly asked by various governments to think about how this new development could be suitable for their challenges. Advier is also committed to exchanging knowledge between the various Interreg projects, especially in the field of mobihubs.

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Green deal car sharing

Commissioned by CROW-KpVV, Advier once again made the annual Car Sharing dashboard. The goal of the Green Deal Car Sharing II of 700.000 shared car users has been achieved this year. More and more Dutch people see car sharing as a good solution. The total number of users has now grown to 730.000. An increase of almost 42 percent from last year when there were 515.000 users. The number of shared cars has increased by 13.000 to 64.000. Sufficient reason to continue promoting car sharing in the coming years.

Read more about Greendeal Car Sharing here

Completion of Enschede Cycling City 2020

In 2016, Advier started a multi-year cycling campaign at the municipality of Enschede with the aim of winning the title of Best Cycling City of 2020. In February of this year, the award ceremony was held and it was announced that Enschede is one of the top 5 best cycling cities in the Netherlands, and the city won the prize for Best Large Cycling Municipality 2020.

With the presentation of this prize, our many years of collaboration with the municipality of Enschede came to an end.

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Exercise challenge Nijmegen

Advier was responsible for the implementation of the Exercise Challenge Groen Gezond en in Beweging Nijmegen. The aim of the Exercise Challenge was to enthuse and motivate employees to exercise more. No fewer than 16 organizations took up the challenge and walked and cycled 4 km in 110.000 weeks. A fantastic result!

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Portal sQoot & Bike

Advier has developed an online portal for two-wheeler lease company sQoot & Bike. In this portal, sQoot & Bike easily manages the fleet of bicycles and customers. The software also provides a clear overview of all employers, employees and bicycle dealers that are affiliated with them. These parties also have their own login on the platform and can manage all their matters concerning their lease bicycle and contracts there.

Read more about the sQoot & Bike portal here

Smart to Antwerp

In 2020, Advier also provided the back office for the project bicycle discount scheme from Slim naar Antwerpen. 3494 participants have now actively participated in the project. They exchanged their car for the bicycle for their commute. They receive a discount for the purchase of a new bicycle or maintenance service from Slim to Antwerp and thus contribute to a city that remains easily accessible during major infrastructural work. And it contributes to good health and a cleaner environment.

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sea ​​bubbles

Seabubbles, Virtek, the Sustainability Factory and DEAL are setting up a collaborative project to realize the digital design of multifunctional moorings for water taxis through simulated engineering and 3D modelling. We want to provide insight for ourselves and for other companies about the added value of these types of technologies and what is needed to be able to use them effectively. In the collaboration Virtek mainly contributes its knowledge in the field of digital engineering. We provide descriptions of different types of docks with several innovative services, including the supply of hydrogen. We will also involve other partners in this partnership and apply for subsidies to realize our dream, the most customer-friendly sustainable innovative dock for water taxi systems.

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Graduation internships

In 2020, several students completed their graduation internship at Advier.

  • Jelmer Koedood
    Future Mobihubs as social connector for the neighbourhood
  • Ilse van Zeumeren
    Tools to stimulate interaction amongst passengers of the Seabubble
  • Sophie Brooijmans
    The societal feasibility of sustainable mobility hubs
  • Xueyao Li
    Design of a living as a service platform including shared mobility

New colleagues

Last year Advier gained 2 new colleagues: Jenny Hasenack en Sophie Deahl.

Finally, the personal highlights of 2020 from all Advier colleagues.