New book on shared mobility: Shared Mobility Rocks

Is it difficult for you to find your way in the complex world called shared mobility? Then you're in luck, because this year we will publish a book on this subject! This book provides insight into the partial mobility universe.

In more than 250 pages we cover all the basics of sharing mobility. From the different forms and definitions to the effects and potential of car sharing, bicycle sharing, Mobility as a Service, mobility hubs and more. Practical examples of projects in urban and rural areas give you new ideas, show you what the critical success factors are and what lessons can be learned from practice.

This book offers users, providers, policymakers and students a solid framework to get started with shared mobility. Travel with us, because Shared Mobility Rocks!

Led by Friso Metz (Advier) and Rebecca Karbaumer (Freie Hansestadt Bremen), the experts of the pioneering SHARE-North consortium have pooled their vast expertise on the subject. The book will be released in English this spring. This is followed by a Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish version.

The brand name Shared Mobility Rocks was developed by the Flemish non-profit associations and Taxistop for their unconventional symposium on shared mobility.

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The book is expected to be released in May 2021. You can pre-order it now. Watch the Sneak Preview below.

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