Sustainable mobility Veluwe

Keeping the Veluwe accessible for tourists in a sustainable way

To keep the Veluwe permanently accessible for tourists, Advier has developed a plan to respond to the responsibility of entrepreneurs. The project is aimed at a robust and sustainable mobility system for a better living environment.

Creating awareness among recreation entrepreneurs and municipalities

The ambition of the Veluwe-op-1 program is to develop the Veluwe with 'sustainable mobility' as a flexible and future-oriented mobility solution for its tourists and residents. Many entrepreneurs are not yet aware of their own responsibility and business importance of the (sustainable) journey of their guest. The message to tourists here is that tourists can travel to and on the Veluwe in a sustainable way.

What is Advier's role?

Advier will advise on how to fulfill the ambition of the Veluwe-op-1 program on the basis of expertise in the areas of 'Hospitality' and the implementation of partial mobility. Advier carries out the program management and elaborates the input indicated in this proposal with entrepreneurs and Veluwe-op-1.

In order to fulfill the ambition of Veluwe-op-1, Advier advises to focus heavily on raising awareness among the Veluwe entrepreneurs. With this, the most profit for the entire Veluwe can be achieved in a robust and sustainable manner. By providing entrepreneurs with various tools that they can apply and implement themselves, it is also expected that the necessary customization in the rapidly and continuously changing world of mobility will land with the Veluwe guest.

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