Enschede Cycling City

We help Enschede to become a cycling city of 2020

Commissioned by the municipality of Enschede, Advier has developed a multi-year cycling campaign. With the aim of winning the title of Cycling City of the Netherlands in 2020. Advier has chosen to focus on this goal in the campaign. With the slogan 'Enschede Cycling City 2020', Advier makes it clear that Enschede puts the bicycle first. In the end, Enschede ended up in the Top 5 of best cycling city, and it won the prize best large cycling municipality of 2020 on hold.

What is Enschede Cycling City?

With the Enschede Cycling City campaign, the municipality wants to get its residents involved in the ambition to become a real bicycle city.

Leading up to the Cycling City election, the municipality is investing heavily in new, good and safe bicycle facilities. For example, many bicycle streets and new bicycle sheds have been opened since the start of the campaign.

What is Advier's role?

Advier's role lies at the intersection of behavioral change, awareness and marketing. The start of the 'Enschede Cycling City 2020' campaign consisted of a teaser campaign to introduce residents of Enschede to the slogan Enschede Cycling City 2020 and to point out the existing bicycle facilities in Enschede and future plans. Advier developed the corporate identity and website for the campaign, and made all communications during the campaign, from posters, traffic signs to promotional banners. As a result, numerous actions and challenges have been set up to make cyclists more comfortable, safer, more fun and more cycling. This involves both individual and group challenges.

Part of the campaign is the use of smart technology (the SMART in Twente app). This is used to reward behavioral change. We also focus on visibility on the street. A large number of traffic lights gave cyclists green more quickly when it rains. Nobody in Enschede knew about this. By making these kinds of things visible, satisfaction with cycling increases.

Advier advises, devises, develops and coordinates all cycling challenges and associated marketing campaigns. Even if Enschede does not win the Bicycle City election: if the 'ordinary man' rides their bicycles more often, Enschede is a Bicycle City!

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