Mobility Hubs

Stimulating shared mobility with the help of mobility hubs

advice is the Dutch partner in the European Share-North project: and initiator of the roll-out of mobility hubs in the Netherlands. Together with our international partners, we are working on sharing knowledge and experience about mobility hubs, research into the effect of mobility hubs on users and we aim to introduce the clearly recognizable mobility hub icon. In that way we want to increase the quality, use and accelerate the adaptation of the concept of mobility hubs.

What is a mobile point?

A mobility hub is a physical place where mobility functions and other facilities meet. A mobility hub is the starting or transfer point for every sustainable journey. From public transport to shared or self-driving car. The universal logo and naming make the mobility points recognizable.

Shared cars, bicycle parking and collective transport are always available at a mobility hub. Other transport functions such as shared bicycles, charging points, taxi and carpool places, bicycle lockers, etc. are optional additions.

A mobility hub can function as an accessible meeting point. Services that can be offered here include lockers where parcels can be delivered and a key transfer system for Airbnb or sharing platforms.

What is Advier's role?

Advier is the Dutch partner in the European Share-North project: and initiator of the roll-out of mobi points in the Netherlands.

We are currently involved in the realization of a network of mobility hubs in the Kop van Noord-Holland. Work is underway on 14 mobility hubs. Advier is also working on the roll-out of mobility hubs in various new-build projects.

In addition, together with our Share North partners, we organize Mobility Hub Academies, in which knowledge is shared about setting up and managing mobility hubs.

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