Portal management lease bikes

A smart platform for managing lease bikes

For sQoot & Bike Advier has developed an online portal for the management of their fleet of lease bicycles and customers. With this software package, sQoot & Bike has full insight into their stock of bicycles. In addition, employers, employees and bicycle dealers can also log in to this portal and arrange all their affairs regarding the bicycle plan.

About the portal

The portal contains all objects managed by sQoot & Bike. These are both bicycles that belong to an employee via the Bicycle Plan, as well as pool bicycles that are at employers and do not have a regular user. Countless things can be kept per object, such as maintenance, insurance, breakdown assistance, damage reports, etc. You can also immediately see to which employer the object is linked and, if necessary, to which employee.

Every employer has a clear overview of all participants of his organization who participate in the bicycle plan. For each employee, the employer can set the conditions that apply to participation in the bicycle plan, including the value of the bicycle. An employer also sees an overview of all invoices in his account.

If an employee goes to a bicycle dealer, this bicycle dealer will see the maximum value that the bicycle may have for this employee by entering a unique ID. He can immediately upload the invoice in the file of this employee.

The portal is automated as much as possible. For example, no manual emails need to be sent, this is all done automatically.

White label

The platform is also white label for use by other leasing companies. The logo and colors will then be adapted to your corporate identity, and all emails sent from the portal will also be sent from an email address of your organization.

Contact about this project

Niels de Vries


Web development