Sea Bubbles

Entrepreneurship in a new way of passenger transport

A new way of passenger transport over water. With the speed of a car over the water for the price of a normal taxi. Clean, comfortable and sustainable. The Netherlands is the country where the international ambition of SeaBubbles can become reality. After all, the Netherlands has everything it takes to be the international testing ground for SeaBubbles. After all, transport by water is in our DNA. Advier represents SeaBubbles in setting up a Living Lab.

What is SeaBubbles?

SeaBubbles is hydrogen-powered passenger transport on water. The Bubbles look futuristic and are covered by a hydrofoil. As a result, the hull of the Bubble comes out of the water at a speed of 12 km/h and it floats a few tens of centimeters above the water. The resistance is up to 50% lower than with a normal boat. The Bubbles run entirely on hydrogen. With this the Bubble creates no emissions, no sound and no waves.

The first boats have a capacity of 7 people. Currently with a driver, but the Bubbles will soon sail autonomously, without a driver. This innovative concept is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is Advier's role?

Advier has become an agent of SeaBubbles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Dubai for the sale of the Bubbles and Docks, and for the further development of the SeaBubbles concept.

Contact about this project

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