Mobility and real estate

Making mobility an integral part of real estate development

Advier advises and offers Mobility as a Real Estate Service, mobility that is jointly purchased and managed by property owners and/or residents, tailored to the residents and users. This flexible and future-oriented concept replaces the permanent built parking lot and private parking spaces.

Real Estate and Mobility

Instead of a private parking space in front of the door, the alternative is mobility within reach, offered by the Owners' Association or the landlord. Just like an elevator takes care of vertical movement in buildings, Advier takes care of the 'horizontal lift' for the residents. We do this by mobility bundles to offer. Such a bundle is in line with the location and profile of the (future) residents. This can include:

  • parking right for own car and guests
  • shared cars, shared (cargo) bicycles, shared sloops, shared scooters, etc
  • high-quality bicycle shed
  • access to public transport
  • real time travel advice,
  • flex lease
  • mobility guarantee

What is Advier's role?

Advier takes care of setting up, implementing and managing mobility as a service. Service from property managers, investors and owners associations, to residents. Normally, Advier also takes care of the preliminary phase for the developer, area developer, municipality, etc. in establishing the parking standard, location accessibility, etc. This concerns activities such as:

  • drawing up parking requirements based on the current and future situation
  • drawing up an accessibility profile that matches the (future) resident profile
  • preparing legal documents prior to the demerger
  • development of a business case based on space allocation with the project developer, (landscape) architect, municipality, environment
  • scan developments and trends
  • keep up with developments and techniques

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