Smart to Antwerp

We help thousands of people make the switch from car to bicycle

Advier is carrying out the Bicycle Discount project on behalf of the Municipality of Antwerp. With this promotion, participants who switch from car to bicycle for their commute receive financial compensation if they cycle to work at least twice a week for a year. Since 2016, thousands of participants have participated in this campaign.

What is Smart to Antwerp?

Due to major infrastructural projects in the city center of Antwerp, and the expected traffic chaos that would result, the organization Smart to Antwerp was established. With the aim of setting up various projects to limit this expected chaos. One of the projects is the bicycle discount campaign. Participants who work in the nuisance area in Antwerp receive financial compensation if they switch to a bicycle for their commute.

What is Advier's role?

Advier provides the back office and help desk for this campaign. We are responsible for the entire trajectory that a participant goes through: from registration and checking whether all conditions are met, to registering participants' bicycle rides and paying at the end of the route.

Participants use an app that automatically registers their bicycle rides. Advier had a software tool developed for the project that manages the many participants. This tool clearly indicates which phase of the project a participant is in, all communication with the back office is registered in it and numerous reports can be drawn up. A link between the app and our software tool ensures that it is clear to the back office how many bicycle rides a participant still has to make in order to be eligible for the reimbursement.

Contact about this project

Barbara of Ardenne



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