Shared mobility training

Advier regularly provides training in the field of mobility and space.

We do this for municipalities and other authorities, developers and sometimes also for or on behalf of the European Commission. Advier is a frontrunner in the field of carsharing and we think it is important to share our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Issuing of certificates Training Shared mobility
Issuing of certificates Training Shared mobility

Example I: training for Greendeal Car Sharing

Advier has trained 50 municipalities (including all municipalities from the Amsterdam Transport Region and the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area) in the field of car-sharing as part of Greendeal Car-sharing II. We have developed training together with Deloitte, using knowledge from our (European) projects and from the book Shared Mobility Rocks (of which our colleague Friso Metz is the author). For the training, CROW has commissioned a toolkit with all the information needed to process issues about shared mobility.

Curious about this toolkit? Then look at
Curious about the book Shared Mobility Rocks? Then look at

This training consists of the following building blocks:

  • Knowledge: what is shared mobility and what are the effects?
  • Policy: how do you fill in your role as a municipality and how do you draw up an action plan?
  • Communication: how do you get residents and companies involved in the shift from ownership to use?

Each building block consists of substantive sessions and group coaching sessions in which municipalities exchange experience with each other.

In the training, together with the municipalities, an analysis is made of the state of shared mobility in the municipalities and how car ownership will develop in the future. This gave municipalities a better idea of ​​what their ambition should be when it comes to car sharing and how to achieve this, who to involve, etc. Participants receive a certificate.

Curious about our training courses and speakers? Then take a look at this page.

Issuing of certificates Training Shared mobility
Issuing of certificates Training Shared mobility

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