Our events

Advier organizes various mini symposia and master classes in the field of innovative mobility. During these meetings we share our many years of knowledge about our field. Whether it's about mobility and behavior or about car sharing, you will learn all about it at our events.

Due to the Corona virus, our next training sessions have been cancelled. A new date will be sought for this. 

Art and culture as a basis for the smart society
What role does the end user have in a (re)development of an area? At Advier, we believe it is crucial to involve this group at an early stage.
13 October 2022
The hub as a connector between people and mobility
A hub is much more than a collection of street furniture and a collection of shared means of transport. During the symposium we will discuss the relationship between sharing a washing machine and a car.
8 September 2022
"Use it, don't own it"
In this masterclass, Advier helps you on your way in the fascinating but also complex world of car sharing. You learn how car sharing works, which distinctive forms there are and what the effects are.
New date will follow
“The more we share, the more we know”
Within the EU project SHARE-North, Living Labs continuously gains knowledge and experience in realizing mobi points. Advier is the Dutch partner in this project.
New date will follow
"Does the home buyer want a parking space or two extra bedrooms?"
During the mini-symposium we help you to break free from existing design methods. You learn to 'think' in real estate developments and mobility challenges and you are given inspiration and new ways of thinking. There is a lot of room for discussion and interaction.
New date will follow
“I want to change my behavior, but I don't want to be changed”
At Advier we believe that influencing behavior is a profession. And you can learn a trade. And if you apply this profession properly, you can achieve wonderful results. In short: influencing behavior is fun and challenging.
New date will follow