New book on sharing mobility: guide to the sharing mobility universe

Is it difficult for you to find your way in the complex world called shared mobility? Then you are in luck, because now there is a book on this subject! The book shows you the way in the universe of shared mobility.

In over 200 pages we cover all the basic principles of shared mobility. From the different forms and definitions to the effects and potential of car sharing, bicycle sharing, Mobility as a Service, mobility hubs and more. Practical examples of projects in urban and rural areas give you new ideas, show you what the critical success factors are and what lessons can be learned from practice.

The guide offers planners, policy makers and those interested in mobility a robust starting point. Join us on a journey and discover why sharing mobility rocks!

The book was written by Friso Metz, senior advisor on shared mobility at Advier, and Rebecca Karbaumer, coordinator for sustainable mobility at the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Together with the amazing team of SHARE-North they have bundled the enormous knowledge and experience within the project.

The book is available in Dutch, English, German and Swedish.

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