Speakers & Trainings

Advier is regularly asked to train groups on specific topics or to inspire professionals at conferences, seminars and projects. And we do that with great pleasure. Our colleagues Minze Walvius and Friso Metz, among others, are happy to take you on a deepening and exploration. Both in your own organization and, fully catered, in our inspirational attic at our head office in Delft or in one of the tower rooms in our location in Zwolle. An overview of the possibilities.

Wake up session

Advier sets organizations in motion, and movement in organisations. We do this, among other things, with our so-called 'wake-up sessions'. Founder and smart society strategist Minze Walvius and his team will take you on an inspiring look forward during a half-day: what are the trends and developments within mobility, space, sustainability and, above all, beyond? And what are the challenges that await you and your organisation? Integral, and also profound. With a lot of energy, examples and analyses. Inspiring, sometimes confrontational, and in any case extremely motivating. Active, with a lot of interaction. And especially with a lot of attention for your own challenges, questions and input. Indispensable if you, your team and your organization are working on strategic, future-determining tasks and choices, on a strategic course, new policy or future decisions in the field of area development, mobility, sustainability, space, new business, etc.

Good for boardrooms, policymakers and decision-makers in government and business, among other things.

Interested? Make a request via info@advier.nl.


At Advier we offer a number of theme-oriented in-company masterclasses. In a maximum of half a day, we zoom in on a specific subject or domain. Very inspiring and informative, as an addition to existing knowledge and skills. Our master classes:

Good for policy makers and employees who want to be updated about the developments and challenges in a subject they regularly deal with.

Interested? Make a request via info@advier.nl.


Advier offers short or multi-day in-company training courses on request. In a number of days/parts of the day you will be taken in depth and afterwards you will be (again) completely up to date with regard to a specific subject. After completing a training you will receive a certificate of participation. Our trainings:

  • Training Share Mobility
  • Training Mobi Points
  • Training Mobility Management

Good for policy makers and staff members who are relatively new in a certain domain or who just want to know more about a subject they regularly deal with.

Interested? Make a request via info@advier.nl.

Issuing of certificates Training Shared mobility