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"Use it, don't own it"

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Car sharing is in the spotlight. The offer is constantly growing at home and abroad. More and more people are participating. From the car industry to leasing companies: they all respond to the trend from ownership to use. Young people are increasingly moving to the city and are less attached to owning their own car. In the city there is no longer any room for all those stationary cars.

The social benefits of car sharing are great: from lower car use and ownership, less CO . emissions2 and nitrogen, to save space in the city and an alternative to unprofitable public transport in the countryside.

However, there are many 'difficult' sides to car sharing. Because can you reduce car ownership by adding shared cars? Can you actually manage with fewer parking spaces if you place shared cars in new housing estates? Is it really more beneficial for users to share cars? And should the government take action, because there are commercial providers? Last but not least: do we want to part with our holy cow?

Governments, market parties, real estate developers and other players are grappling with these and other questions. Because there are still few answers, real breakthroughs are not yet forthcoming. Because few people still ask the right questions, it remains with well-intentioned experiments with the corresponding results.

Familiarize yourself with the complex world of carsharing

In this masterclass, Advier helps you on your way in the fascinating but also complex world of car sharing. You learn how carsharing works, which distinctive forms there are and what the effects are. What works in which context? How can municipalities develop effective policy? How do you start a flywheel? What role do you choose as a government? Who do you allocate parking spaces to? And how do you link car sharing to MaaS?

The training gives you a solid substantive foundation to get started with car sharing yourself. In addition to the theory, practice is discussed extensively. You also get to work with a case.

Multiple Perspectives

In the masterclass we look at car sharing from different angles: users, market parties, governments and area developers. By visualizing these perspectives in a coherent way, you gain a unique insight into the field.


This is what you can do after the masterclass:

  • You have a clear understanding of the turbulent world of carsharing and its key players
  • You know how to deal with governments and market parties
  • You can work on the critical success conditions for car sharing development and you can develop car sharing policies
  • You know what a mobi point is and what is involved in the development
  • You know how to use car sharing to save space and costs in housing projects

About Advier

Advier organizes the Carsharing Masterclass. Advier has more than 10 years of experience with car sharing issues and is involved in leading projects at home and abroad. Such as the leading European project SHARE-North (EU), the Green Deal Car-sharing (II), the CROW-KpVV car-sharing monitor, the development and promotion of mobi points and the realization of shared mobility in new construction projects.

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This training is also available in company. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Advier regularly organizes masterclasses and mini-symposiums on current themes. You will find a complete overview here .

Program (subject to change)

  • Introduction car sharing – Friso Metz
  • User perspective and market perspective – Minze Walvius
  • Car sharing policy – Friso Metz
  • Mobi points: strategy, organisation, realization and marketing – Maurice van der Meche
    • With inspiration from Germany, Norway, Flanders and North Holland
  • Real estate development, car sharing and parking – Minze Walvius
  • Getting started with an assignment

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