Masterclass Mobility and Behavior

“I want to change my behavior, but I don't want to be changed”

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In discussions about solving mobility bottlenecks, you often hear the lament that influencing behavior is complicated. If only we could change that behaviour, we would have to build fewer parking spaces/sacrifice greenery for traffic space, etc.

But is it really that complicated?

At Advier we believe that influencing behavior is a profession. And you can learn a trade. And if you apply this profession properly, you can achieve wonderful results. In short: influencing behavior is fun and challenging.

Navigating the complex world of influencing behavior
In this short masterclass, Advier helps you on your way in the fascinating but also complex world of mobility and behaviour. The basics of influencing human behavior, some important theories and approaches are discussed. And of course some interesting experiences from daily practice.

In the masterclass you will gain a first insight into the fascinating world of influencing behaviour. This helps to recognize where behavioral principles come into play in your work. You will also receive tools to delve deeper into the subject.

About Advier
Advier organizes the Masterclass Mobility & Behavior. Advier has more than 10 years of experience with behavioral influencing issues. Trainer Friso Metz was one of the founders of CROW's Mobility & Behavior knowledge program, is founder and author of the Travel Behavior Weblog and regularly provides training on this subject. He is also a behavioral strategist in key projects such as the Enschede Bicycle City 2020 campaign.

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