Mini-symposium Hubs (Last event)

The hub as a connector between people and mobility

Description mini symposium

Hubs seem like the latest weapon in the battle to unlock scarce space, both in the city and in the home. The smart bundling of shared (mobility) services, energy and logistics services contributes to more space for housing, greenery, climate adaptation, health and a stronger local economy. A good network of hubs contributes to the findability of the services, which is a logical choice for sustainable transport and connecting people. But what makes a hub a hub. and when does a hub function? For this, a number of questions are discussed, such as: What is the correct location for a hub? Which services belong to which hub? How is governance arranged? What is the business case? What relationship is there with the users of hubs? How does the hub connect people and how do you share a car and a washing machine within one or more commons?

These questions and more will be addressed during the mini-symposium, led by inspiring speakers with over 10 years of international experience developing and implementing hubs. The symposium includes a light meal and ample space for interaction and discussion.

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