Enschede cycling city!

Enschede has been voted the best large cycling municipality of 2020. The city has achieved this coveted title by working purposefully to improve the cycling climate.

Since 2016, Advier has been supporting the municipality with an ambitious cycling campaign. In the bicycle vision, the goal has been formulated to be bicycle city of the year by 2020. Advier has put this ambition at the heart of a multi-year behavioral campaign. A large number of fresh campaigns were realized during this campaign. Each of these actions is based on behavioral science knowledge. Together with a good portion of creativity and perseverance, Enschede has succeeded in making cycling more frequent.

The hard facts:

  • Almost 70% of the inhabitants know the campaign;
  • Significant growth in bicycle traffic;
  • Significantly less bicycle theft at the station;
  • Higher appreciation of cycling climate.

In addition, there is a lot of positive reporting in the media and the bicycle is higher on the political agenda.

During the campaign period, the cycling infrastructure was improved. This development has been slower than planned. Nevertheless, bicycle use has grown faster than anticipated. The Enschede Fietsstad 2020 campaign has therefore made a substantial contribution to this growth.


Enschede already won a lot of prizes in 2019:

  • Best bicycle highway in the Netherlands;
  • Primary school De Fontein national winner of the campaign “The cycling schoolchild”;
  • Hospital MST wins Spitsbrekers award with its bicycle plan for employees;
  • Most voters during the Bicycle City election.

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A selection of the campaign actions in Enschede:

  • Promotion of the F35 bicycle highway and the new bicycle streets
  • Promotion of new bicycle sheds
  • Tackling bicycle theft in the center and at the station
  • Fighting obesity by rewarding bicycle use
  • Go green faster for cyclists with the SMART app
  • 3 cycling festivals
  • Appointment Hennie Kuiper as bicycle mayor
  • Collaboration with partners in the city. From bicycle repair shops to sports clubs and from Grolsch to FC Twente.


A striking example of Advier's approach are the actions to thank cyclists. While other regions set up complex programs to get motorists on their bicycles, we are targeting existing cyclists. After all, it shows the desired behavior and is therefore the best promoter of cycling. The only thing that is needed is that you put that cyclist in the spotlight. During the morning rush hour, promo teams are regularly ready along busy routes to thank cyclists. And what better way to do that than with delicious chocolate? We even put a smile on the face of the public on Monday morning. In a short flyer we thank everyone who contributes to all the positive effects it produces. And you cycle off the extra calories from the chocolate in half an hour. With every promotion there is an immediate call-to-action: participate in special cycling challenges in the SMART app. The points you earn can be exchanged at the local merchants.


The Enschede Bicycle City 2020 campaign proves that bicycle marketing is cost-effective:

  • The costs are minimal, certainly in comparison with the construction of infrastructure.
  • Faster results than installing bicycle infrastructure.
  • More support for bicycle policy.

The success of the campaign has been strengthened, because the space has been created to work consistently for 4 years on an ambitious goal. Advier was supported in this by two enthusiastic aldermen and an enthusiastic team of civil servants. It is characteristic that the municipal organization is open to innovation and is always looking for ways to get things done internally.

Who wants to become a Cycling City 2024?

Many cities are in the running for the title of Bicycle City. A multi-year cycling campaign yields faster results than investments in cycling routes. Advier challenges you to structurally focus on bicycle promotion. Especially for this, Advier organizes a Masterclass influencing behavior on April 20. In it we reveal what was the key to success in Enschede.

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